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Cost of Professional Drain Cleaning

Average Drain Cleaning Prices

Although a clogged drain may begin as a minor inconvenience, it can quickly turn into a serious problem. There are many DIY drain cleaning solutions out there but not all are equally effective. Although store-bought chemicals and plungers may work for some, there is no substitute for the services of an experienced professional.

The average cost of clearing a minor drain blockage or clog is between $121 and $149. However, there are several items that factor into the cost. Check out our Plumbing Services Cost Report to research average prices in your local area.

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Items that factor into the cost:

However, you should know that there are few items may increase or decrease the cost of your project.

1. It will be more expensive to clear multiple drain clogs.

2. Clearing a severe clog may require additional time.

3. Your home’s pipes are corroded.

4. Your septic tank needs to be cleaned. To learn more about the cost of septic tank pumping and repair, check out this useful report.

5. The drain is located in a hard-to-reach area or the clog is difficult to access.

6. You need the plumber to come to your house outside of normal business hours (i.e. emergency calls, weekend projects).

7. You live in an area where the cost of living is high. Labor costs are typically higher in densely-populated cities (think Los Angeles or Chicago) than they are in rural areas.

8. If you live outside of the company’s typical service area, a fuel surcharge may be added to your final bill.

9. Working with an experienced drain cleaning professional may be more expensive than hiring a local handyman.

10. In some cases, the plumber may use a video camera to locate the clog. There may be an additional fee associated with a video drain inspection.

11. Has your clogged drain led to a flood? Water removal services and flood damage repairs can be very expensive.

12. If your project requires other plumbing work, including pipe repairs or fixture replacement, you will responsible for cost of the additional labor and materials.

Ready to get started? Use our matching service to request free drain cleaning cost estimates from local pros today! Before hiring any contractor, it's important to do some research and learn about your options.

Choosing the Right Professional

Request estimates from multiple plumbers. It's important to contact multiple companies before making your hiring decision. Make sure to get all of the details in writing and don't forget to read the fine print!

Don’t wait until it's an emergency. You can save a lot of money by investing in preventative maintenance. Emergency trip charges can be pricey. You can also do yourself a favor by keeping clog-inducing matter out the drain in the first place. Avoid pouring grease down the kitchen drain and try to keep hair out the tub drain when possible.

Ask about a guarantee. What happens if the drain is clogged again the next day? Will you be responsible for the costs associated with a return visit? Ask your contractor if they offer a guarantee on the services they provide.

Don’t just ask if the contractor is licensed and insured. Take a few minutes to verify the information on your own.

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Free Quotes from Local Drain Cleaning Services

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